In regards to my recent postings about Quixtar and Amway Operations across the globe; I felt it important to re-iterate an important announcement from Quixtar Corporation.

Quixtar not opening in China

Correcting a false business rumor

Recently, there has been a rumor circulating that Quixtar will enter the China market in some way, shape, or form. This rumor is absolutely false.

There are no plans for Quixtar to enter China or any other market in the world. Further, neither the resale of products sold by Quixtar nor the promotion of the Quixtar business opportunity is permitted in China.

In fact, any Independent Business Owners found selling Quixtar products or promoting the Quixtar opportunity in China or anywhere else outside Quixtar’s markets will be subject to strict sanctions under Quixtar’s Zero Tolerance Policy, up to and including termination of their contract.

The Quixtar and China businesses have been successful because they meet the distinctive and differing requirements of their respective markets. We ask for continued cooperation by Independent Business Owners to maintain the separation of the two businesses,(emphasis added) which will help to sustain their viability and success in the years ahead.

If you are a Quixtar IBO, or a responsible journalist and/or internet blogger on the topic of MLM or Quixtar/Amway, please do not misrepresent the Amway business opportunity and the details of operating as a distributor affiliated with Amway in Greater China.

Here are some facts about Amway China from the official Alticor website.

Alticor’s Amway business began in the Greater China region in 1974 when it opened in Hong Kong. It now has four affiliates. Independent business owners (IBOs) operate Amway businesses in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. In China, sales representatives introduce products to customers and provide training and support.

Amway also owns a sophisticated production facility in Guangzhou, which has ISO 9002 accreditation – a first in the chemicals industry in China.

The Chinese Health Food Association recently listed Amway China first on its list of “Top 100 Health Food Companies.” Other awards include the Environmental Protection Model award (2001) and one of China’s 10 best employers (2001).

*Based on 2001 sales volume in China (2002).

In the coming few days, I will continue with my articles on Amway Global affiliates including the former Soviet states, Japan, and China and their respected websites.



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