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Quixtar IBOs are often criticized for making grandiose claims regarding their success with Quixtar. I found two refreshing statements made by Quixtar IBOs this week.

The first takes place at Quixtar Blog in the “Comments” section of an entry entitled Orrin Woodward’s Team In News.

As in most blog comments sections, the continuing conversation evolves into nothing resembling the topic originally posted. The commenter is a lady named Andrea, and she describes why she is in Quixtar:

“Thank you for being polite. Bob, ash, and nimblix. I guess I am different than most IBO’s. I shop mainly with the partner stores. There are alot of things that I get through them that I normally could get at a regular superstore. I have three kids, 5 and younger that I hate to drag with me! It works for me. I live in the boonies here in Ohio and It takes me 1 hour to get to the closest Barnes and Noble. I am a teacher and enjoy the things that I can get from that store. I do not go to their website because I don’t get a small kick back unless it is through Quixtar. I know a lot of people that enjoy XS Energy drinks more than Red Bull and others, and it is the same price. I am not an IBO that is in it for the all mighty FREEDOM. I just want to make a little money back. If it is extra cash for christmas great. I know someone that after the extra mark up price they still made enough money to quit that paper route. You don’t have to travel far distances to tell people about Quixtar. I do not go to BDS because my team is not in this State. I do not purchase monthly tools from Legacy. I choose what I want to do. Jim70 I had to buy 8 tires for my two cars in Jan. I bought two at Walmart, and six from Goodyear a partner store through Quixtar. I drove to Good year/ Kelly store which is down the road from me and they put them on. They were the exact same price as Walmart. I did this in Jan. last mon. I recieved a $75.00 Check from Quixtar. Gee that paid for one of those tires. Did I buy anything else. Yes, new bra’s from Lady grace another partner store. And sweat pants for my children from Hanes, another partner store. Make-up from Aristry, which by the way is cheaper than what I used to buy Lancome at Kauffmans. Things I have to buy anyway. Things that I have been purchasing for years. I totally agree. If you are an IBO in it to make tons of money you have got it wrong. Only the people at the top of the up-line make that. It is not impossible to get to the top but it takes alot of sacrifice, MONEY, and work. Is it something that you can afford? Probably not. What am I out? Nothing really because I do not purchase items that I do not need. My inital set up? I sold the products that I did not want, and if I do not make my monthly PV to get a check so what. I had to shop for those things anyways. I just did it at home instead of fighting with my two year old at the store because she wanted Dora. That is peace of mind. That is freedom. Smile, life should not be that complicated. Check it all out for yourself. The Good and the Bad. Ash is totally on target there is nothing wrong with doing a negative check. If you don’t then shame on you for not checking. That is only common sense. My comments are not to offend anyone, and I am not saying Quixtar is the best, and that there is nothing wrong with it. But I don’t think that it is as horriable(sic) as some make it out to be. You have to use caution and know what you want and don’t want. For some of you it is obviously Quixtar that you don’t want. And that is O.K.
Posted by: Andrea at March 6, 2006 03:10 PM”

The second commentary I found regarding an IBO’s “success” was from “Anon IBO”” at Unquixotic Enterprise. This blogger describes his progress or possible lack of progress and states his plans and purpose for his blog entries at Starting Point.

“…So for the starting point of this blog, it’s practically a clean slate– last year was a wash, I have yet to sponsor anyone, and have only qualified for bonus checks on personal volume.

Critical readers may be amused by this disclosure, but the irony is that the more pathetic my business is at the starting point, the more dramatic the results will be when I reach my objectives, and the more starkly obvious the correlation between effort and return. Yes, that same dreaded proportional effort-return relationship that the intellectually dishonest are loathe to concede, particularly in regards to this industry.

Given this disclosure, one may fairly question why anyone should listen to me. Obviously, you shouldn’t. I have no track record. I am currently operating only on theory. I am only as reliable as your local business college professor (if they had demonstrated knowledge on running a successful business, would they be teaching for a living?)

If, in the course of this project, I demonstrate an ability to create a profitable business, I will have proved the theory in a transparent manner. Further, doing so under the advice of, and utilizing the tools available from the WWDB system will have proved the utility of that system.”

I have to give these two IBOs credit; they seem level-headed with no stars in their eyes and they seem content to grow their business in a forthright manner.

I’m not sure if Andrea will be a regular visitor to Quixtar Blog, but she did good in the face of the rest of the commenters; Anon IBO is blogging regularly, and I have no doubt he will continue.

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