Broke Back…No Mountains, Please

“I wish I knew how to quit you”

human-spine-and-back-pain-illustrationLast Thursday, while doing nothing out of the ordinary, my back “went out”.

That is to say, my lower back began hurting. This has happened several times to me over the past 20 years. About two years ago was the most recent event.

Yeah…sure, my job requires me to do some heavy lifting and bending over and such; but on this particular day, I was just walking across the lobby floor…and ouch!

As the day wore on, I was walking slowly(er) and slowly(er) and began taking on the look of the Hunchback from Notre Bama.

Friday morning found me in bed, in pain, and in what should have been Lortab euphoria but to no avail.

The weekend was no better. I lounged around, sat, and alternated ice packs with a heating pad and hobbled about the house resembling my late arthritic mother and moaning and groaning in her similar fashion(Thanks to the wife and kids for pointing out this trait) and Monday I missed yet another day of work.

So today, I’m still home and hoping that any moment now, that whatever is pinched, inflamed, or “pulled” will ease up as it has done in the past.

But I have to say, sitting at this computer has not been one of my most frequent activities in recent days. Also, the effects of muscle relaxers and hydrocodone have no conducive effect on my writing skills, nor the pain in my lower back either.

So, like in the movie “Brokeback”, I can’t quit you; but don’t expect a lot over the next day or two.

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