Amway: The UK Way

(Before any of you jokers start, that’s UK as in the United Kingdom, not UK; like it rhymes with yuk)

Yesterday, I talked about Amway-Europe, the gateway portal to information regarding becoming an Amway Independent Business Owner.

Today, I want to tell you about my experience at the website of Amivo website

Amway Distributors and potential distributors visiting the public Amway/UK site will see much of the same content found on the Amway-Europe site, with specific registration fees appropriate for the British Isles. The Republic of Ireland has specific information included, as well. Individual sections of Great Britain are mentioned, except the glaring omission (for me, at least) of Scotland.

In the United Kingdom, Amway IBOs must register their Amway business as a trade at the local authorities; an idea I have advocated here in the USA. It’s my opinion if an IBO maintains a business license or vendor’s permit; they would be more inclined to treat their business as a REAL business with the duties and responsibilities thereof.

Some specific facts regarding Amway-UK are as follows:

UK Facts and Figures:

Amway(UK)Limited was established in the UK in 1973 and the Republic of Ireland in 1979.

Amway(UK)Limited has 23,000 renewed Independent Business Owners nation-wide.

Amway(UK)Limited employs approximately 109 people in the UK.

Amway(UK)Limited has been a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) since 1973 and the Direct Selling Association of Ireland (DSAI) since 1981.

Since 2003, United Kingdom IBOs have had access to operate their business with the addition of online ordering and business management through the Amivo website.

Amivo is similar to Quixtar in the USA, but it is an enhancement to the existing Amway business and not a separate company.

Like Quixtar, Amivo has visitor pages to browse and study prior to joining Amway. The site is password protected and requires registration to order and manage an Amway business.

Finally, on my review of the United Kingdom-Amway site, I have to say that I did look AND I DID FIND my required dose of video “shmaltz”. The “Heritage” video was a sentimental journey down the road of Amway’s history, with some great photos, and some “techno-classical” music with a “world beat”.

I doubt that Amway Corporation will change its name from Amway to UK-way for those distributors in Great Britain, but Amway distributors in the United Kingdom have their own identity, as well as their own Amway independent businesses.

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    Nice travelog 🙂 is a nice site that links to various european resources.

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