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In 1971, Amway Corporation left the confines on North America and opened its first overseas market in Australia.

This move “represented a significant first step in establishing Amway as a global enterprise. Amway Australia’s subsequent growth contributed to the success of Amway’s global network.”

Today, 80,000 Amway Independent Business Owners operate in Australia and New Zealand.

Amway distributors operating in Australia can build a business of their own through traditional one-to-one marketing in a face-to-face manner with their “prospects”, but they also have at their disposal a full service shopping portal via the Internet.

Amway Australia is represented online through A2K/Amway Online.

This site is similar to the North American Quixtar site; in that IBOs in Australia can buy and sell products online as well as introduce new distributors that are interested in the Amway business in Australia.

Public access of the site allows the site visitor to browse products and learn about the range of services offered by A2K, as well logging in and purchasing items. Prospective Amway business owners can also gain introductory information on the business opportunity of Direct Sales and Amway in Australia.

A2K, like its American counterpart, offers Home Care products, Cosmetics, and even Partner Stores.

Product differences from US products are subtle; such as the Nutriway line of nutrition products.

Exclusive to Australia are products like Emma Page “jewellery”(sic) and Earth’s Aroma massage oils.

My opinion of the site was favorable, but found it limited in scope related to the business opportunity, with much of the responsibility still on the sponsoring distributor in Amway to “sell” the prospect on the opportunity.

This site seems much more navigatable than Quixtar, but the content is less expansive. It lives up to its slogan of “convergence” i.e. it does not stand alone.

UPDATE: November 2015; All links now direct to Amway Australia

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