Amway Europe: A Company You Can Trust

In case you haven’t noticed; over the past several days I have been visiting and reporting on the various websites that make up the World Wide Web of Amway.

Today, I introduce you to the initial site for Amway’s Internet presence in Europe.

Amway Europe Limited is the gateway to information on the operation of an European Amway Independent Business.

International Law weighs heavily in this website with many pages dedicated to explaining the legitimacy of Direct Sales, Multi-level Marketing and becoming an Amway IBO.

Extensive material and explanation is provided through information from
The Federation of European Direct Selling Associations.

“Direct selling is currently regulated in the EU by Directive 85/577/EECA “on the protection of consumers in the case of contracts negotiated away from business premises” as implemented on a national basis by the Member States. This directive grants the customer a legal right of cancellation within a seven day cooling-off period for most purchases, so the customer has the opportunity to think the purchase over and to compare both the quality and price of the goods. Some additional strict national legal frameworks have been adopted and vary from country to country, including some extensions of the seven day cooling-off period up to fifteen days. The direct selling purchase is thus one of the most protected consumer purchases available. Amway’s Satisfaction Guarantee goes beyond the legal requirements in its offer to receive product returns by consumers.”

“If a new Independent Business Owner decides to leave the Amway business within the first 90 days, there is a full refund for the cost of the business starter kit.

If an IBO decides to end his Amway business, Amway guarantees to buy back unsold items.”

Amway-Europe also has content covering the inception and history of Amway and information on how a decidely “American” company has expanded into 80+ countries throughout the World; from a small town in Michigan, USA to a true global community.

This “community concept” doesn’t stop with just a mere listing of countries that Amway operates in; it goes beyond that, with what I consider a renewed emphasis on the environment.

Concern for the Environment

“From its foundation Amway has recognized the importance of promoting the protection and improvement of the environment. This philosophy is reflected in AMWAY’s products:

High concentration and waste reduction.
Recycled packaging.
Removal of chlorofluorocarbons from aerosols pre-dated international bans.

and in the manufacturing process:

Use of recycled material in packaging.
Growing and processing natural ingredients at our Nutrilite farms, where no fertilizers or chemical pesticides are used.
Recycling center in Amway headquarters.
Scientific support of research and development.

In presenting its Achievement Award to Amway in 1989, the United Nations Environment Program recognized the company’s efforts to promote environmental protection and to encourage youth to make the environment a priority concern. Amway was the second corporation to receive this prestigious award.”

These facts figure prominently at all Amway affiliates in Europe. A feature I find lacking and forgotten in the USA and Canada.

Amway-Europe is also a responsible “neighbor” offering a helping hand; with a commitment to charitable organizations including UNICEF and Amway’s efforts to support Tsunami victims.

Two interesting reports regarding Direct Sales are not to be missed. These reports prepared by The London Business School and Price Waterhouse Cooper detail Internet shopping trends and market saturation for the Internet in Europe. These reports would prove valuable for anyone operating a Direct Sales/MLM business in the European Union.

One thing I noticed about the site is that it lacks any video presentation as is on other Amway-related sites. If I were one of the “PR guys” up in Michigan: I’d transfer this video of European distributors to the Amway-Europe website.

For IBOs in the USA, like myself, the knowledge that Amway in Europe and Asia is strong and respected provides satisfaction that North American IBOs can still take pride in their association with Amway Corporation. Whether we say we are “in Quixtar” or “sell Amway”, we truly have access to a strong international business abroad.

Throughout this week, I’ll be covering specific sites in The Amway Global Community.

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