Amway: Connected, Supported, In Control

Yesterday, I visited the Alticor website as a light refresher course on the strength of the infrastructure behind my multi-level marketing business venture.

Today I visited AMWAY dot com.

Sure, I know that many of my site visitors are anti-MLM and anti-anything-having-to do-with-the-Amway Corporation, but there is no denying that Amway revolutionized the Direct Sales industry and brought multilevel marketing into existence and established MLM as a legal model of business.

Amway currently operates in over 80 countries across the World and most recently entered the Russian market.

Amway is no longer the “American Way”, it has become “the way” that over 3 million distributors in countries like Japan, Germany, Slovenia, and South Africa have chosen to have a business of their own.

These distributors are conducting their business in the old fashion way of meeting people, making friends, and showing the business opportunity one-to-one and in business meetings. But, they are not limited to only the “Amway of the past”, they also have at their disposal web technology in many of the markets to enhance and support their business.

The AMWAY website emphasizes the tradition, the history, the strength, and the future vision of Amway Corporation. Site visitors can gain further knowledge of their existing business or potential business through text, slide shows, panoramic product displays and videos.

And if you like a little shmaltz; the video I enjoyed most was the business opportunity video describing the Amway Experience as seen by Amway Corporation.

With Amway you are: Connected to the global leader in multilevel marketing, with over 40 years of experience, Supported by great products and people who will help you succeed, and finally In Control of your life.


UPDATE DECEMBER 2016: The Link to the video is no longer available on the web, however The Internet Archive does have a link to photos and text from the video. Th elink has been updated to reflect the information available

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