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A reader commented yesterday on the “nice travelog” I was writing about the various Amway-affiliates websites available across the World.

Each Amway Public Information Site(or at least the ones I could read in English) contain much of the same information with certain pages varying in content with appropriate location and pricing information.

For today’s “travelog”, I looked at 13 Amway markets located in Europe. All of these Amway affiliates offer the MLM opportunity to their citizens. All, except France, use offline techniques, as well as the online-portal Amivo. I could not find any online opportunity for the French.

UPDATE August 2015: Amivo or Amway Online is now just for each country, e.g. Amway-UK.

Most public Amway sites had English access, but only offered the Amivo shopping portal in their native language. Interestingly though; Greece’s public site was only available in Greek, but the Amivo version had an English equivalent.

Many of the Amivo sites allowed browsing through their “visitor pages” but required registration to order. Some of the Amivo sites were not available for viewing past the “log-in” page. If you are interested in viewing an Amivo site; I refer you to yesterday’s blog entry on the Amivo website in the United Kingdom.

The breadth and scope of the Amway Global Community is staggering to me, a lowly IBO. Few MLM companies in the Direct Sales industry have penetrated so many world markets and allow the lowly IBO to expand his business into these markets.

As a Quixtar IBO in the USA, I can easily expand my business into International markets with relative ease; if I have “contacts” in another country. The addition of Amivo enhancing these markets will make it even easier by cutting through language barriers in presenting the Amway opportunity and allowing IBOs to interact with their international IBOs without long overseas trips and extensive “stays” abroad.

Learning the culture and business practices of another country and broadening my horizons on different levels instills a satisfaction in me. And I have no qualms or anxiety about saying, “I sell Amway”. In fact, visiting these International sites should fill every MLMer with some pride, knowing that Direct Sales overseas is respected, moderated, and regulated for the protection of the MLMer and the consumer.

I invite you to visit the sites in English, and to even look at the non-English sites just for fun.

Amivo Austria (non-English)
Amivo Belgium (non-English)
Amivo Denmark (non-English)
Amivo Finland (non-English)
Amivo Germany (non-English)
Amivo Greece (English)
Amivo Netherlands (non-English)
Amivo Norway (non-English)
Amivo Portugal (non-English)
Amivo Spain
Amivo Switzerland (non-English)
Amway Austria (English)
Amway Belgium (non-English)
Amway Denmark (English)
Amway Finland (English)
Amway France (English)
Amway Germany (English)
Amway Greece (non-English)
Amway Netherlands (non-English)
Amway Norway (English)
Amway Portugal (Non-English)
Amway Spain (English)
Amway Switzerland (English)
Amway Sweden (English)
UPDATE: 2/9/2018  Amway Sweden has undergone a major site upgrade as Amway Online. New Features, Videos, and Check-out System all within a responsive design for desktop, laptop, pad, and smartphone.

The Amway affiliates in the Scandinavian Region address the use of Business Support Materials with language that advises potential IBOs, but does not condemn BSM usage.

In my opinion, the Corporation walks the line on this issue, but the fact that they address it for this region says to me that Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark must have extensive exposure to the motivational organizations commonly criticized by Amway/Quixtar opponents.


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