Alticor: And You Can Quote Us!

Alticor, the parent company of Amway and Quixtar, as well as other businesses, has revamped their website to include slide shows, PDF fact sheets, and a wealth of information concerning the company and its subsidiaries.

One interesting addition is a legitimate corporate media blog. This blog’s initial post admits it will be a “media” blog; publishing releases and company news, but in blog format with an RSS Feed, real permalinks, and enabled, yet heavily moderated and/or edited comments.

The front pages of the revised site are new and engaging; but a few simple clicks on the different “Alticor” links in the footer of the site, can reveal the site map for the older content on the website that hasn’t been changed.

While the new and interesting information; including a Historical Timeline, Current Sales Figures and detailed biographies of the management and Board of Directors of Alticor, is included at the Resource link of the site; the flaw of the site is the Flash Interface does not allow individual linking to the various topics of information.

The revamped site and the addition of the media blog are welcomed changes, in this blogger’s opinion, and provide the site visitor with reasons to remain at the site and read the information available from the corporate view of the company and its subsidiaries.

It appears, however, that the Media Blog will be slow with updates. Only one introductory entry has been posted.

If you are a distributor or Independent Business Owner for either Quixtar or Amway, I suggest you pay a visit to ALTICOR, and learn a bit more about the infrastructure of the companies you represent.

If you are desiring information for more general purposes on Alticor, Amway, or Quixtar or other businesses under that “umbrella”. I would advise you to start at that site and then expand from there.

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