The Lord Loves Shaklee

Okay, I am emphatically NOT making fun of the Shaklee company, nor their distributors, and especially NOT the couple who wrote what is reprinted below.

I have removed all names, and replaced with initials, but I have not altered the story in anyway.

I found the message by using Shaklee’s Distributor Locator and typing in various information.

I reprint the Shaklee distributor’s “Welcome” message from their Shaklee-approved replicated website.

Several things jumped out at me about this message.

1. The 100% faith in the Shaklee products.
2. The unashamed religious faith of the distributor and their boldness in displaying it.
3. The “stream of conscience” writing and lack of edits, or attempt at a re-write.
4. My complete negative reaction to such a message.

I haven’t made any final conclusions as to whether I think a message such as this would be good, bad, or indifferent in the grand scheme of this particular Shaklee distributor; but they would probably not “sell” me on joining their particular line of sponsorship, even though I have an overall positive opinion of the Shaklee Corporation.

Here’s the message:

“We began our Shaklee business in September, ’88. I really wasn’t looking for a Shaklee business. I had made Jesus Lord of my life and He was teaching me how to build beautiful cells by the food choices we make. For instance, we can choose junk food and build a shack or we can choose choice food and build a mansion (temple). I was buying Health Store vitamins at the time.

I desired to bring Mom into our home from the nursing home. My friend felt that I would be missing the Lord if I did that, so she agreed to fast with me to seek God. It was like ‘green light, go get her’. After my husband, D. and I made the decision to bring Mom into our home, The Lord spoke Shaklee to me 5 times. I had heard about Shaklee, but didn’t know the value of the products. But The Lord did. So, I began looking into the company and the products. I was amazed at what I found. You wouldn’t believe the research and testing that goes into these products and also the standards used for their choice of ingredients. Amazing!!!

My mom had Parkinson’s Disease. She weighed 190#’s and could not get up by herself. D. and I had to get on each side of her and pull her up from a sitting position.
I changed her diet and started giving her lots of Shaklee nutrients. Shortly thereafter, maybe 2 weeks, my husband came in from work and was amazed at what he saw. Mom in the kitchen helping with supper.

It’s 2004 now and we’re enjoying wonderful health. No medicine, no drugs, just good health!

It’s hard to keep this kind of information to yourself.
Our Shaklee journey has been delightful and we get to share these fabulous products with others and make money while doing it.

Since 85% want to own their own business, if you’re one of that percent, let me show you how.

Working at home, no time card to punch, freedom and flexibility. How much better can it get?

Would love to hear from you.
Truly – S and D W.”

Tell me; What do you think? I’m open for comments.

P.S. I do think it would be great for Quixtar to have such a “Distributor Locator”, that puts prospective clients in touch with a local IBO, and not just a Platinum-type IBO.

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2 Responses to The Lord Loves Shaklee

  1. KentF says:

    Dave – I’m curious how the Lord spoke to this person about Shaklee 5 times? Five friends, one friend five times? Interesting to say the least. I too am completely turned off by people that get so unbelievably detailed about “what the Lord did”, but to each their own I suppose. I’ve run in to more than a few people online that have been taking Shaklee products for 20, 30, 40, upwards of 50 years.

  2. somwhere in between says:

    if you go far back enough… Shaklee has a degree of separation from Amway-Quixtar from when Nutrilite was just that (before Amway). When the distributors that left Nutrilite to follow DeVos Van Andel, another bunch went the other way and voila, Shaklee. Got that from Shaklee info(late ’90’s)

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