My Dad Is Bigger

Why does it seem to me that the trendiest way to market an MLM company by an MLM associate is to use a variation of the following phrase:

“My MLM is better than your MLM, no matter what MLM company I associate with this month.”

Is this technique being taught by some MLM guru, that I’m unaware of?

I’m encountering bloggers and chat-room participants that seem to feel that the best way to garner prospects and recruits is to criticize and ridicule some poor MLM newbie about the company they are associated with, and then after countless attacks, offer the same newbie a chance to get in and associate with the “attacker” in their MLM.

What surprises me is that the “attacker” has normally been associated with more than three MLM companies themselves.

So, what is the attraction of joining with these people?

Do the people using this “Mine is bigger than yours” technique succeed merely by the same “numbers game” most MLMers use? That is to say…Put yourself in front of as many people as possible with your message(no matter the message) and you’ll eventually find a few to join you.

Or, is it more psychological?

Like the “brainwashing tactics” commonly used by some MLM promoters; instead of using motivational techniques, these people use a “negative motivation”.

“You’ll be sorry if you stay in that MLM that you are in now, you must join mine to ever see success.”

I suppose if you state this over and over again, you’ll convince or “brainwash” a select few prospects into believing this motivational technique in reverse.

Or, does it involve greed?

These MLMers using this technique; jump from MLM to MLM trying to catch the next big wave, and in the wake of “wave jumping”, they must take as many people with them on to the next break in order to gain any semblance of financial gain. Each break MUST be bigger and better to finance their greed or obsession with success.

Whoever thought of this technique must be a millionaire by now. I see the technique on message boards, chat rooms, and blogs. I guess it works.

I’d prefer to promote the MLM concept in general, and then my OWN company specifically. After that, the prospective recruit could investigate Multi-level Marketing, my company and what ever other company they may come across during their research.

Sure, I want them to decide to join me, but I don’t have to attack another company or another company’s distributors to make ME look credible.

Maybe that’s why I’m not an MLM guru, or selling my MLM Success Guide to the masses.

I just can’t see myself practicing this trendy technique.

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2 Responses to My Dad Is Bigger

  1. Ty Tribble says:


    I understand the overall idea of your post and don’t mean to pick at one item, (he says as he picks at one item), but…

    “I’d prefer to promote the MLM concept in general, and then my OWN company specifically.”

    Could that be because you can’t promote your company in any real manner on the Internet?

  2. Howdy Ty,

    No, that’s not it at all.


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