It’s Carnival!

Most people equate a “carnival” as a small traveling amusement attraction filled with amusement “rides” surrounding a “midway” of booths containing games of chance.

But in Mobile, Alabama; “Carnival” is another name for the Mardi Gras season.

So, I’ve been “busy” each night after work taking my family to the parades each evening that lead up to Mardi Gras day or “Fat Tuesday” as it’s called.

This year the big day falls on February 28th. And if you have business to conduct on the Gulf Coast on that day, then consider your business cancelled. Though, originally a religious-rooted holiday, most of the cities that participate in the celebration close businesses and agencies to join the revelry.

The office I work in will be closed that day, too; even though we will have an “on call” person (ME) to handle emergencies.

In the meantime, parades and celebrations are held every evening, and I have tried to be there to catch my share of beads, stuffed animals, and moon pies.

Private parties, “balls”, and pageants are also plentiful as well as good old fashion “crawdad” “boils”.

I ate my share of the ugly “mud bugs” yesterday at a friend’s house, while watching the Daytona 500.

Even though I’m as southern as the next guy, I’m not a big fan of NASCAR; but I had a great time. My wife and I met some new people, enjoyed some good food and drink, and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been a lot of places in this country, but nothing beats the Gulf Coast during this time of the year.

If you got some time, I invite everyone to “come on down” and experience “Carnival”.

photo © AP/Mike Kitrell

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5 Responses to It’s Carnival!

  1. Imanewme says:

    Hello Dave! I know you’re a brother when you talk “crawdad boils” and “moon pies.” LOL! I hope this transmission finds you well… Imanewme

  2. kathleen says:

    wow — and this goes on all week? In the same country I live in, where winter’s starting to get *really* old and everybody’s gettin’ grumpy and we don’t get any celebratory relief until, oh, May 31???

    I wonder when’s the next bus down there? 🙂

  3. Kathleen,

    Did I mention that Mobile has a very fine airport? As for a bus station, we have one of those as well.

    Yep, it actually goes on for about 2 and half weeks, increasing in intensity.

    AND! Mobile’s Mardi Gras is traditionally more family oriented with much less debauchery than what you may have seen or thought about as Mardi Gras relates to the “Big Easy” (New Orleans.

    Think of it as “Bourbon Street Lite”


  4. Anonymous says:


    You mean you missed the big Eelpout festival in Walker MN?

    In Minnesota, we have a big winter carnival every year, with Ice sculptures and guys that dress up in red suits and call themselves the “vulcans” that are basically a bunch of old horny drunk guys who go around kissing women and leaving the “vulcan mark” with a black washable marker. They ride around on the back of an old firetruck. They also have a Medallion hunt with a $10000 prize who finds the medallion somewhere in the Twin Cities area. The festival was almost canceled this year cause it got “too warm” with temps above 40 degrees…

    Michigan doesn’t have any fun events like that?


  5. kathleen says:

    yes, there’s “tip-up town” ice-fishing type activities and I know for sure that the frat boys and girls at Michigan Tech have a huge winter carnival with the most fantastical ice sculptures you’ll ever see … but that’s NORTHERN Michigan stuff. We don’t see too much of that around here, even with the Big Lake so close by…

    So like I said, May 31 is about the time things start to “heat up” around West Michigan!

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