Quixtar Critic Riles IBOIA

Anyone participating in the blogosphere that writes or discusses the Quixtar Corporation has undoubtedly paid a visit to the Quixtar Business Analysis website or amquix.info for short.

Amquix is authored by Scott Larsen, an engineer working and living in Germany. Scott has gained a reputation for being the ultimate Quixtar/Amway critic. His site is referenced by other Internet critics often, and he is one of the first sources cited in many “anti-Quixtar” discussions.

In recent years, Scott has published objective and subjective commentaries on not only Quixtar, but also on “leaders” in the Quixtar IBO population.

In December, two leaders associated with the Quixtar-motivational systems contacted Larsen about some of his content at his website.

Larsen is constantly written to by IBOs associated with Quixtar defending their positions and he regularly publishes their rants in the feedback section of his site. He offers rebuttal and debate to these writers and oftentimes decimates their arguments. (Some of the comments NEED decimating)

But these two “leaders” have been successful in having Larsen remove material from his website that pertain to the leaders and their business.

Larsen retracted information and asked for follow-up confirmation on other published material.

Normally, you would think this type of “conversation” between antagonists would take place between attorneys, or private legal letters. Not so in this case.

The ongoing process initiated by these leaders is now being published at the IBOAI website and was recently updated as of yesterday to “answer” the follow-up confirmation requested by Larsen.

Read the ongoing letter campaign at “IBO Leaders Take On Internet Critic”.

Scott has yet to respond at his website on the most recent letters.


Scott Larsen contacted me and and clarified his response to Victor and Florence.

I had posted that both Jody Victor and Billy Florence had been successful with having material removed from Scott Larsen’s site.

In actuality, Scott removed material about Victor, but changed material pertaining to Billy Florence.

From Scott Larsen.

“We might say I removed the pages on Jody and revised the ones on Billy’s plan.

Jody notified me in December, Billy notified me on Jan 5 and I made the revisions there after.”


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