Give Your Own “State of the Union”

Okay, so tonight you couldn’t find anything else to watch on cable TV, so you decided to watch the “State of The Union” Address presented by President George Bush.

So, you’re watching and you are thinking, “Why didn’t he mention …?” or you are wondering, “How come he always talks about….?”

Or, you might be thinking, “My Gosh, George Bush is the most articulate speaker I have ever encountered!”

Okay, okay, okay, STOP LAUGHING!

You might be imagining the kind of speech YOU would write for our leader of the Free World; well my friend, have I got a website for you.

You can put words in George W’s mouth, his very own words, except the way you’d like to hear them. You too, can write a BushSpeech.

Choose from an assortment of words and phrases spoken by the President and rearrange the words to your liking for sentences ole’ George might never say.

My teen-age son’s favorite that he personally concocted–

“I want Americans to duty on the streets of our cities.”

Go see what you can come up with.

UPDATE: November 2015; the above link re-directs to The Internet Archive.  I did manage to find another George Bush Speech Generator, try this one out. Bush-O-Matic

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