Busier Than Lori Louse

When I was a kid, and I mean a real little kid, I often heard my momma used the expression, “than Lori Louse.”

“David Wayne, you talk more than Lori Louse,” she said.

“David Wayne, you break more stuff than Lori Louse,” she scolded.

Or I would hear her tell someone on the phone,

“I can’t; I’ve been busier than Lori Louse.”

As an eight year old, I just figured that Lori Louse was a really busy woman that broke stuff a lot and talked a lot.

Not until I was much older that I finally understood what Momma was really saying.

It was actually two “sayings” that she used interchangeably.

“David Wayne, you talk more than the Lord allows.”

“David Wayne, you break more stuff than the Law allows.”

And so I must say that this week; I have “been busier than the Law allows.”

During the New Year’s weekend I was still suffering from the flu, and after returning to work after the holiday, I have been on the run constantly. I returned to work Tuesday and have worked late every evening since. Yesterday and today combined; I drove almost 300 miles performing my job duties. I was constantly “on the road”, but never driving out of our company’s 100-mile operating radius.

After I clocked out each evening and came home, I did manage to get online and check email and read my favorite blogs, but I was simply not up to the task of writing in my OWN blog.

Some readers might have thought I was “killing my blog”, but I was really just still recuperating and resting up in the evenings.

Tre wrote me asking about my upcoming entry about Samples and marketing and I promise that article will be featured here at “On The Road” early next week. In fact, many more entries are coming next week as I get back on my regular blogging schedule.

Okay, I’ll say it; “You’ll see more of ‘On The Road With Dave’ next week “than Lori Louse.”

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