American Idol and One Ventriloquist’s Perception

Tuesday night on “American Idol”, one of the potential “Idols” was a ventriloquist.

He brought his dummy, Scotty, to the audition. One of the things I’ve noticed lately about the “Idol” auditions is that all the audition participants have combined a “Let’s Make A Deal” element to their auditions.

If you remember the game show “Let’s Make a Deal” with Monty Hall, you’ll remember that all the contestants dressed in wild costumes or held up signs or carried props to get Monty’s attention to be featured on the show.

So, last night, here was a guy who wanted to be a singer, a pop idol, who brought a ventriloquist dummy as his prop.

Ok, I’m a ventriloquist and a “wannabe comic” that also loves to sing. I love going to Karaoke bars, I sing in the car, and I make up silly songs around the house and I am the epitome of the kid who sang in front of the mirror with a fake microphone.

But, I do not have the voice to be an American Idol. Neither did this other ventriloquist.

But, had I been able to lock my wife up in a closet and remove myself from the shackles that she would have invariably put me in, had I threatened to show up at an “Idol” audition, you can bet your “sweet bippy” that my ventriloquist figure would have stayed safely in the trunk.

A ventriloquist dummy is part of a specialty brand of comedy; not a singing act.

There are ventriloquists that sing; and sing very well, but they are ventriloquists first and foremost.

I think the guy should have kept his dummy at home.

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