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I’m working on an upcoming article involving the use of samples as a sales aid. It turns out I had a lot to say on the subject, so I’m editing and paring down the article. I suppose I could do one of my “famous” multi-part articles, but I was trying to avoid that. If you haven’t taken the Poll, please do so and feel free to leave a comment. The Poll can accept comments as well as you can leave a standard comment at the blog entry, itself. Either one gives you a voice.

Free Polls Dot Com is a great way to add a poll to your blog, it was pretty easy to set up, and you have a good variety of styles to choose from.

Watch for my Sample article after Christmas.

I want to thank Tom for his comments on my “Standing Promise” entry. Some good thoughts to consider.

Tomorrow, my wife and I are headed to a friend’s beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama to celebrate our 22nd Anniversary a day early. Getting married on Christmas Eve was probably my most romantic moment, but the downside of our anniversary all these years has been the lack of restaurants and places to go that are open on Christmas Eve to celebrate. So, our tradition is to celebrate a day early with a date, and then to spend Christmas Eve at home.

We have a nice dinner date and some dancing planned, followed by a quiet night at the beach house. There’ll be no edition of “On The Road With Dave” for December 23rd.

We’ll return home Christmas Eve afternoon and finish up the holiday activities with some last minute shopping, cooking, and wrapping.

Catch me back on Christmas Eve for a short edition of “ye olde Yule blog”.

Until then, finish up your shopping, put up that last string of lights, and buy that final present or gift card.

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