Agnes’ Gifts–Re-Dux

Howdy “On The Roadies.”

Gee, don’t you hate those inept bloggers that insist on writing, “Read My Archives” when they haven’t got much to say?

Yep, they oughtta be lined up against a wall and shot. How dare they rob us of our time visiting their site and then telling us to read something we already have read. In the words of the Immortal Curly, “The noive!!!!”

Now that’s outta the way.

My regular 9-5 job has spilled into my night-time hours. This week I am “on call” to assist our DME patients with emergencies, so my time online is limited this week.

In my absence, there has been some controversy about my tribute to the late Richard Pryor over at MLM Blog. My use of a racial slur used frequently by Pryor sparked discussion ranging from disgust over the use of the word; to the defense of yours truly by other commenters; to implication that all white southerners are predisposed to racism. In the end, an agreement to disagreement seems to be the prevailing course. I’m sure Pryor would have enjoyed the discussion and at last look, the comments are still coming in.

But today is December 14th, officially the First Day of Christmas as the old Christmas carol is sung, and partridges everywhere are perched in pear trees.

Soooooooooo, about those bloggers that insist on you reading their archives; I’d like for you to re-visit poor Agnes McAllister as she is inundated with gifts from her “true love” in Part One and Part Two of “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

WARNING: The language contained in the hyperlinked entries is R-rated. Read at your discretion.

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3 Responses to Agnes’ Gifts–Re-Dux

  1. Anonymous says:

    The “Twelve Days of Christmas” are from December 26 to January 6. January 6, now the day of “Epiphany” used to be the celebration date for Christ’s birth (and before that Dionysus’s birth). In fact, it still is “Christmas Day” for Armenian and some Russian Christians.

    The date was switched to December 25 sometime in the early-mid fourth century (prior to 354 C.E.) after Christianity became the official religion of the Empire because the worship of Sol Invictus (“the Invincible Sun”) was an extremely popular religion among the Roman soldiers, whose biggest celebration was of the birth of their Deity on Dec. 25 (and also the birthdate for Adonis).

    The twelve days between the old date of the pagan holiday borrowed as Christmas and the date of the newer pagan holiday borrowed as Chistmas are the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

  2. Wow!

    Thanks for the info, I had no idea, but very interesting. You can be sure that I’ll file that away as “something new” I learned today.

    Thanks very much, Anon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yooooo David,

    The article at MLM blog was deleted…


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