Dave’s Top 10 Motivational Speeches

Do you want to motivate your prospective MLM leaders in your downline?

For that matter, do you want to motivate anyone on your team?

You don’t have to sell them a CD or cassette tape. You don’t have to beg them to attend a meeting featuring some motivational speaker or upline leader. You don’t even have to offer them new and exciting products each month that aren’t all that new OR exciting.

All you need to do is learn TEN very short speeches.

“Dave! I don’t have time to learn no stinking speeches!”

You have time to learn these speeches, as they are only one line long; AND they are intuitive enough that you should know exactly when to use them and with sincerity.

Here’s “Dave’s Top 10 Motivational Speeches”.

(In no order of importance)


9. “I’m proud of you.”

8. “I knew you had it in you.”

7. “I’m thinking about you.”

6. “Talk to me. I’m listening.”

5. “Tell me everything. I want to know exactly how you accomplished that.”

4. “No Problem. Call me anytime.”

3. “Okay, teach me.”

2. “Thank you for everything you did.”

1. “I couldn’t ask for better.”

So, go start giving a speech.

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