“The Crazy Question”

Today I found, tucked away in my files regarding Multi-Level Marketing, a training article for prospecting recruits into an MLM company. I find it amazing that so many companies and MLM “gurus” would let an article, such as this, be the “norm” for recruiting prospects.

It really might work for the first few that try the script mentioned, but I can’t imagine that it would have long term results.

Tell me what YOU think.

“It takes far too long and is far to difficult to turn a “satisfied user” into a million dollar business builder. It CAN be done, but as I said takes far too long.

Instead, look for people who have the million dollar mindset and are looking for an opportunity NOW!

The product is awesome and as they put a bunch of people in the business it will produce results, and build loyalty – but you’ll never get the explosive growth if they don’t understand the upside of the opportunity.

So what we are saying here, is to LEAD with the business. Shock them with the upside potential.

My script is simple, yet powerful and it works. I ask: “Jim, let me ask you a crazy question – but give me a serious answer. If there were a business where you could earn $100,000 a month and retire in 3 years with that income coming in for the rest of your life – is that a business you would want to know about?”

When they laugh and answer positively – ask them to GRAB A PEN and take down your 5 minute GAP call, and website. Tell them to do some research and get back to you if they are interested. That’s it. Simple, gets their curiosity, and works. If they ask you to tell them more – REFUSE! Just tell them the call and website will explain everything. The more you talk – the more you risk making this “NOT DUPLICATABLE” and risk giving them information to prejudge the opportunity without researching the information. Let the tools do the work.

WARNING – some people feel funny about talking to their prospect about the $100,000 a month figure. Keep in mind that we have people in the company already earning that much – SO IT’S NOT THEORY! Avoid the temptation to change the script and talk about: “earning extra income from home” (YUCK!) “earning an extra $2,000 to $5,000 per month” These types of phrases make our opportunity sound small and insignificant!

You MUST get their attention with the $100,000 a month potential upside and don’t worry about whether they believe it or not. If they don’t believe it’s possible to earn that much – they have a self-image problem and won’t do anything anyway – no matter what figure you give them! Most prospects will “water it down” to where they want to be anyway – the key is to let them know what’s possible. Now that you know how to get people’s interest and attention, how many people a day can YOU approach with the CRAZY QUESTION?”

Would YOU use the “crazy question” approach, or am I the only one that thinks the method is crazy in and of itself?

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2 Responses to “The Crazy Question”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    I use GAP as the “back door” when calling leads that may be interested but not yet committed. When I am qualifying the lead, I seek to determine their readiness before I offer any presentation material.

    I cannot imagine using the “$100,000” question in my qualification process but I do understand the intent to see if the prospect is a “big thinker”.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Can you elaborate on what the term GAP is for prospecting? Is that anything like FORM that we currently use? Do you have an article linking to that term? Thanks


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