“Home, Home Again”

I’m home again.

“Home” as in I am in my new home. A nice apartment as apartments go; an apartment with a fitness room, two pools, and two laundry rooms. It’s in a great neighborhood; I have nice neighbors, and it’s close to everything.

Sounds good, huh?

Well, it does have its drawbacks.

The biggest drawback was this past weekend.

Remember, I had a three bedroom house and 21 years of accumulated married-life accessories?

Think about moving all of that into a two bedroom UPSTAIRS apartment.

Think about having the SMALLEST U-Haul truck available to move all that stuff, in multiple trips.

Think about one of my storage building being UPSTAIRS and having to move everything DOWNSTAIRS; onto the little truck, and then UPSTAIRS to the apartment.

We did all that over Friday Night, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

Today, I feel like I am 103 years old.

Every muscle aches in my body.

I’m the type guy that likes to think he is eternally 19; always thinking young.

Today, I’m thinking about sitting in my rocking chair, covering myself in Ben Gay and reading the local obituary page while listening to the weather report on TV.

I might even need to consider taking in a bunch of cats and begin to ramble to strangers in the supermarket. (Okay, I already do the last one)

Anyway, I have more boxes to unpack now, but it’s good to be “Home” again.

That’s one good thing…There’s really no place like home; no matter where it is.

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3 Responses to “Home, Home Again”

  1. Anonymous says:


    Glad to see you got settled in. I know how it is to move. You find the muscles you never thought you had. You’ll ache for a couple of days, but it’s a good ache. To know that you are finally settled in.

    I am jealous, 2 fitness centers? That’s cool.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Why did you move?


  3. Hi James,
    Our house we were living in was sold.

    You can read about it at:

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