Blowin’ In The Wind

“The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind; the answer is blowing in the wind.”

That song verse is a whole lot better than saying that I’m “twisting in the wind”; which has the connotation that I’m strung up to a tree somewhere in the high desert, awaiting the vultures; and so I’ll take the “blowing in the wind” analogy.

The answer to our current situation has been delayed. We won’t have an apartment ready for one more week. The apartment manager assures us that we will be able to begin moving in on Wednesday of next week. And although I am ready and more than willing to get our family back into a place of our own; I can wait ONE more week.

I have been doing some writing offline and hope to have some articles ready for “ye olde blog”, when I can post more consistently.

If you are trying to contact me, you can still reach me by email. I do get to check that daily.

I’ll keep you posted as changes are blown in on the wind, and I’m crossing my fingers that any further “ill wind” is not in my future.

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