“Another Dave” And Compensation Plans

Dave Stone at Network Marketing Today is undertaking a series on MLM compensation plans this week. Dave Stone is Vice-president at Passport; a company started by former Quixtar IBO; Bo Short.

Dave writes several blogs and I respect the guy. We have linked different articles of ours back and forth at our blogs.

Today, Dave begins coverage of the grand-daddy of MLM pay-plans by intoducing the stairstep or “break-away” plan. Dave says,

“Next time, I will elaborate on the Stair Step model in greater detail as I have the most extensive background in this type of pay plan. In the future, I will also post about the other common plans like the Binary, Unilevel, Australian 2-Up, and Matrix plans (in no particular order).”

In any disscussion of MLM pay plans; there is the tendency to favor the plan that one is currently asociated with; I’m no different and prefer the “stairstep model”.

But, I’ll be reading “another Dave’s” series with great interest to find out what he favors and his reasons why.

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