Ventures Entertainment

In advance of my new blog design being finalized, I have reserved the name Ventures Entertainment Dot Com as a spot for future comedy bookings.

I used to operate a video production company many years ago called Video Ventures.

I believe the dot com version of that name now points to a porno site; or did at one time; I haven’t checked recently.

The site for this new named “venture” won’t be available for some time, but a mini blog will be included in the new On The Road With Dave design and will eventually point interested clients in that direction.

Stay tuned for future developments.

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About Dave Robison

Now Appearing in an Extended Engagement! Join Dave Robison as he takes you into his world and his daily life of reviving a stand-up comedy career. Prepare for side trips exploring Public Relations, marketing and business ethics. Enjoy some frequent detours describing his observations on life. Read the exploits of this self-proclaimed Renaissance-man and blooming blogger as you go On The Road With Dave. From Mobile, Alabama comes Dave Robison, a confessed Internet-aholic, middle-aged-married-man, who's generally a nice guy--he just has one or two issues. Stand-Up Comedy by Dave Robison is available for corporate events, college campuses, and nightclubs.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    YOOO david,

    I found for sale at buy domains for a mere $1600.00!!

    I hope all is well with you, talk to ya later!


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