Post-Katrina Thoughts and Thanks

We Were Lucky.

We survived Hurricane Katrina relatively unscathed. After a day of yard clean-up, the only clue that we have been through a storm as bad as it was; is the large pile of limbs, branches, and leaves that await removal at the edge of our street.

A fellow at a local store, asked me yesterday; the typical “How ya doing?” greeting. I said “Better than most this week, and thank God for that.” He paused, and responded, “You, just reminded me how lucky I am, I’m out walking, talking and asking people how they are; thanks”

Yes, we were lucky that we are not in some shelter or still stuck on a rooftop surrounded by water.

We opened up our home to my daughter and her husband, and their roommate for a few days while they awaited restoration of their utilities.

We also offered to our other friends, co-workers, and neighbors the opportunity to come and have a hot shower or sit under the coolness of some “conditioned air”.

Our only problem thus far, has been the availability of gasoline to continue to go to work.

Yep, even waiting in a gas line for three hours makes us feel luckier than some in our area.

But with that luck comes a certain post-storm depression. I can’t describe the feeling. I wouldn’t venture to say that it compares to that of a 9/11 survivor, but maybe to that of an airplane crash survivor.

It’s a mix of emotions of frustration, guilt, relief, thankfulness, and uncertainty all rolled into one. I hear that the feeling is typical, and will pass.

To everyone that has written to me expressing your concerns, I want to say thanks.
I have received comments at my blog and by email from dozens of people that know me only by my words online; offering encouragement, well wishes, and positive thoughts and prayers.

The outpouring of support and encouragement that I have received from people has been uplifting, and proves that the Internet is far from the cold, impersonal and anonymous medium that some seem to tag it with.

If you have the means available, support whatever relief effort you feel comfortable with. We were lucky; many others are still suffering, and will be in dire straits for months to come.

Thanks again,


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One Response to Post-Katrina Thoughts and Thanks

  1. rocket says:

    Glad you’re doing good Dave.

    I thought it was insane that help took as long as it did, but hopefully others will feel the same as you, and be grateful for the important things.

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