Time Again

Back in December I wrote about Time Management. I know that a lot of MLMs talk about succeeding working only 10-15 hours a week.

I found a thread at Network Marketing Tips* that speaks about the Direct Selling Association’s statistics on the Direct Sales Industry. The message concerned average incomes but it brought me to the link at DSA that also concerned the average time spent building a Direct Sales Business.

The Numbers are broken down like this:

Less than 30 hours per week 85.1%/
30-39 Hours 7.6%
40 or more Hours 7.3%

I would have liked to have seen a further breakdown for the Under 30 Hours to include the legendary “10 hours a week” claim.

And it would be interesting to know what some of the Direct Sellers view as actual “work” during those hours.

*UPDATE: Network Marketing Tips link was removed. Site is no longer active  4/25/2015

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