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Over the past month, I’ve been consumed with this idea of making On The Road With Dave a better blog, a better website, and a better success.

First, came the purchase of the new domain address. Second, came transferring the blog to the new URL address. Third, came what seemed like weeks of link repair, and notifications of the change.

Now, I’m faced with designing a new template, theme, and design for the blog.

Choosing a design and template for the site has got me thinking about Multi-level Marketing and business ownership in a different way.

It seems to me that every MLM Training Program markets their own version or template for success.

Whether it’s a “9 Core Steps” or ” Blueprint for Success” or a “Getting Started Fast” guide; they all seem to say, “Do It Our Way” and you will succeed. Even I wrote my own version I entitled; “Platinum Strategies”.

When I first started “On The Road With Dave”; I picked what I considered the most appropriate Blogger template, for my style. This template was designed by Todd Dominey.

Todd’s design is good; but in the end, it’s Todd’s style, not mine.

So, I began searching for other templates and other designs.

I even played around with different themes on my own such as this rejected rough draft.

But the process has continued.

In Multi-level Marketing, the process ALSO has to continue. You can start with a template, a business plan, an idea; but you can’t stop there. You can’t rely on that template for success.

You eventually have to find your own style. You eventually have to step away from the “Getting Started” guide, and develop your OWN “Moving On” design.

Just like I’m doing as I make changes to this blog; I analyze what works, what doesn’t work, and what needs to be done now, in my Quixtar business.

Nobody’s template is going to be perfect for you, but you will develop a template for success on your own. Will it be duplicatable? Maybe, for a short time. But your goal should not be developing “clones” of your template. You want to develop individual leaders that can design their own template, with your help.

You take the “code” provided in the template, and learn to “cut and paste” and manipulate the symbols, numbers, and tags to your own style and that of your MLM organization.

And like a good search engine finds your “perfect website” in the end; so will the potential member of your MLM team find your business.

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