More On The “Quit Date”

There are two more things I want to bring up about the “Quit Date” I wrote about today.

One: is I got an email from someone that was fearful that my personal goal was too much of a stretch for them personally. I want to make things clear that MY goal has nothing to do with what your “Quit Date” might be.

The purpose of establishing a “Quit Date” is to instill in you a “for-once-in your-life” goal of actually following through with all that “positive talk” you have heard for so long while participating in most Network Marketing Companies.

If your goal is to consistently sell $500 dollars per month in your venture, and you haven’t done it; then either do what it takes to accomplish the goal or get out.

If you have been telling people you own your own business helping other people start their own business, and you haven’t sponsored anyone in 6 months, then make a goal to sponsor somebody, do what is necessary to establish that person in business, or get out.

Your “Quit Date” is based on your actions in the past and your desire to “put it on the line” now. Don’t let my goal sway you in establishing a goal that you won’t achieve for the wrong reasons.

If you do that, then you are no better off than you were when you were stating you’d be a millionaire in 2-5 years…7 years ago; and re-writing the same goal every year extending it another 2-5 years.

Two: I want to thank Ty Tribble from MLMBlog for his kind words and encouragement in the Comments section. Ty’s last question to me was this;


Will you be sharing your gameplan for acheiving your goal?

I think anybody that reads my ramblings on a day to day basis, knows that a cookie- cutter type plan that is fully duplicatable in MLM is a myth, and my plan won’t be a plan everyone can follow to the letter.

But my plan is basically based on the principles I normally talk about.

Get off your butt, get “out there”, whether it’s online or offline.

Sell or Learn to Sell.

Sponsoring someone doesn’t mean just signing someone up. Be a true Sponsor.

Schedule Your Time Effectively and Efficiently.

Think Individually.

But, I do plan on sharing with you my activities and progress as I move forward towards this “Quit Date” After all, that’s one of the purposes of this blog; to take you into the world of multi-level marketing AND my world.

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