“MLM Today” Has It’s Last Day

In an entry entitled “Onward and Upward“; Dave Stone author of the blog, “MLM Today” announces the blog’s demise.

Dave Stone, current Vice President of Passport, started “MLM Today” to express his views on the MLM Industry. In the beginning, many of his postings were critical of Quixtar and presented his company Passport as the alternative.

In recent months, Dave changed his focus several times and presented strong articles on building an MLM business and ethical marketing. Dave has been a long-time supporter of “On The Road With Dave” and I have him linked in my Side Bar.

Although he and I disagreed on company choices, we agreed on many more things than we disagreed. I consider him an “online friend” and a great blogger. He’ll be missed.

From “Onward And Upward”:

“…MLM Today was started as a way to share meaningful ideas and constructive discussions about the profession of network marketing. It began with the best of intentions but I found myself swallowed up in several, shall we say, spirited debates that were, in retrospect, entirely useless. By the time I pulled my head out of my own ass to realize this departure, I had created a reputation for myself that was prohibitive in my ability to convey much that could be helpful.

I have tried the past many months to correct for my poor judgment in hopes of being able to compile helpful information for those seriously involved or interested in our profession. I do not believe that will be possible here and after a discussion with a new friend earlier tonight, I am more certain of my decision than ever.

There are several people that have their encouragement and support early on in my blogging experience. This has meant a great deal to me. Thanks also to the regular readers that have continued to visit here, leave the occasional comment, and otherwise witness the train wreck called MLM Today……

…..See ya’ in the funny papers.


Dave, Not if I see you first. Good Luck in your future endeavors.

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One Response to “MLM Today” Has It’s Last Day

  1. Dave Stone says:


    Thank you for the kind and eloquent words. I will continue to be a regular reader and will add your page to my “must read” section of my new blog.
    I have always enjoyed reading your posts and I am honored by your praise and support.
    Here’s to friendships, online and otherwise, and the unique way in which they develop.


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