Hurricane Update

It’s 12:47AM, about 5 hours from landfall in New Orleans.

We are getting some sporadic thunderstorms and wind from the early “leader bands” from the storm.

Hurricane Katrina is currently a high Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds at of 160MPH.

We are all bored at the moment. It’s been a non-stop marathon of watching local newscasts. I finally popped in a video for two hours or so and watched my copy of “Last Man Standing” with Bruce Willis.

It’s a good movie to break up the boredom. My hope is that the boredom will continue, and we won’t be in for the excitement of major storm damage. But, it looks like we will stay up for most of the night, to keep an eye on the storm “eye”.

In my last entry I gave a link to WKRG, the local CBS affiliate offering a live feed.

In the interest of equal time, you can also read reports at FOX10 news.

We’ll see what happens as the night wears on.

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3 Responses to Hurricane Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    I send my best wishes for a safe and secure outcome to the ravages of Katrina. My nephew is in Baton Rouge, and one of my wife’s closest friends lives in Biloxi. Like you, her friend is going to be riding it out.

    Best of luck, and may God (or whatever higher power you wish to consult) be with you.

    Stace in Denver …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yo dave, has katrina updates right on the homepage. Good luck.

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