Experiencing Technorati Difficulties

I like writing a blog, but the technical aspects of producing one is frustrating to me. I’ve managed to learn how to cut and paste some simple HTML codes into my blog template, I’m pretty adept at putting in relevant links into the body of blog entries, and uploading photos is not the pain in the butt it once was.

I check my site stats daily and I try to analyze the “referrals” I received from different search engines, in order to adapt to my readers.

But today, I’m frustrated with Technorati.

In case you don’t know, Technorati is a service that tracks blog activity, they provide up to the minute updates on some 13 million blogs and provide a search service of those blogs by keyword, phrases, and “tags”.

You can also set up a “Watch List” of certain words or topics, you often write about; and then keep track of other bloggers who also write about the topic.

The service is free, and provides a profile for your blog and even ranks your blog on popularity regarding topics.

Pretty cool, right?

I thought so too, but Technorati is making me feel like a leper in a public hot tub.

They used to list my blog under topics like “Quixtar“, and I could watch how a topic I might write about, compared at any hour with other blogs writing about the same topic.

That is until I finally added the Technorati link in my Side Bar.

Now, my blog just doesn’t show up in a Technorati search UNLESS someone else mentions my blog in THEIR blog, or has a link to it.

I wrote to Technorati, but I have found that with any other free service on the web; that the degree of technical support and speed of reply is seriously lacking.

trhat-1024x576Maybe(and I’m just speculating)Technorati has advanced software that excludes me from seeing my OWN blog in a search, because it figures I already know what I write about and shouldn’t need to see it in a search.

Maybe, they have changed their search criteria to exclude “good ole boys” from Alabama who blog about Quixtar. Maybe, their criteria now excludes bloggers over 40 who also “play” with ventriloquist dummies? Who Knows?

I don’t have the answer.

Ya reckon, my topic on “Technorati” will at least be included in their next update?

UPDATE: November 2015; Technorati is no longer a blog indexing and tracking site. Since around 2008, it has evolved into an advertising platform.

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