Deciding To Quit Quixtar / Part 3

If you have been following Part 1 and Part 2 of this series; then today you set down in stone, on paper, or “saved to disk”, the date you will Quit Quixtar or any other MLM company you are involved with.

You have decided that “yes” there comes a time when you have to call it quits and you have analyzed your current state of affairs.

Based on your current progress and time spent, what can you reasonably hope for in the following months?

Has it taken you 6 months to sponsor 2 people? Has it taken you 6 months to sell $100 dollars worth of products? Has it taken you one year to achieve the first significant level in your compensation plan?

Have you been stuck at the SAME level for more than one year? Even if you are a MLMer in the higher ranks of your company, I would ask the same question. How effective of a leader are you, if you can’t get past the same level over a two or three year period?

Is it likely that you will have more time to spend “building the business”? Is it likely that you will learn the techniques of selling to a client or prospect? Is it likely that you truly care about being in a business?

Have you truly worked at making appointments and presentations? Are your presentations effective?

Did you spend more money on literature than you needed? Did you buy samples that looked “pretty” on the shelf, with no inkling of how to give them to clients? Has your MLM business become a “social network” rather than a “business network”? Are you playing “bidness man”?

Consider all the factors, and then get ready to write down your QUITTING GOAL.

Here are the rules:

1) Your Time Frame is ONE YEAR. You may set down 90-Day Increments.

2) You must devote a specific number of hours each week.

3) You must have one specific significant Compensation Plan Goal.

4) You must have a specific sales or volume goal.

5) You must have a specific LIMIT on expenses. The goal here; is to decrease the percentage of expenses as your profit rises. You may very well have an increase in expenses, but your profit should far exceed the percentage spent.

6) You must have a specific checkbook balance with a NET PROFIT.


If you miss a goal for a specific level of achievement and yet STILL increase your profit through retailing, et cetera, you may continue on. This will offset those compensation plans where achievement is based SOLELY on recruitment efforts. Although if you are in a compensation plan that emphasizes achievement on “body count”. I’d prefer you go ahead and quit now.

Using Quixtar as an example, here’s is a sample QUIT STATEMENT.

After considering all the factors involved, I will quit Quixtar on August 31, 2006, unless I have achieved the level of a Platinum IBO. Upon re-examining my finances on that date; I should have $2500.00 in Savings. My monthly group volume should consistently be $10,000 dollars. My personal sales to my own clients will be $3000 dollars. If I do not achieve this I will officially resign my distributorship.

Finally, if you do quit after that date. You must do the following:

First: Officially write your company and your sponsor expressing your resignation.

Second: Return all salable items in your possession.

Third: Throw away, burn, discard, bury or use up any and all items that you do not return.

Fourth and Finally: Move on with your life, with no regrets, no bitterness. This time it was up to you. This time you acted. And this time you failed. That’s right; you FAILED. No stigma, no hard feelings, you gave it a shot, you failed, and you decided to QUIT pro-actively.

Move on to better things.

My guess is few will make this commitment. Most will just lapse into some MLM limbo, or switch to yet another company, or become bitter over MLM, in general. Some will hang on just a bit more; just one more month, just one more year.

It’s really easy to blame others, the market, the compensation plan, or any other factors. It’s really easy to set a goal of success, and constantly re-set it every few months to coincide with your progress. It takes guts to QUIT.

You won’t be a Loser.


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2 Responses to Deciding To Quit Quixtar / Part 3

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dave,
    Today is October 17, 2006.
    Wanted to know if you acheived the Platinum Level by Aug 31 2006.
    FYI – My quit date is today and I am quitting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Dave,
    Today is December 26, 2006
    I made a concious decicion to leave “the biz” months ago, but I still enjoyed hearing your stories and advice. The reason I’m leaving is intirely because I got pissed that I saw my friends turn into completely different people who were no longer my friends. Where did they go? I feel used and I am enraged that such smart people can barter dreams of income over such well developed frienships.
    I am in the process of quiting, but the website seems to contain all the info on signing up, but no info on leaving/quiting. Gotta love it.
    I actually feel that while I was actively involved I was disconnected from my friends and viewed as a “tool” (I tottaly agree now).
    Thanks again!

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