Deciding To Quit Quixtar / Part 2

Saturday, I started this series with the following:

Today, I want you to decide to QUIT Quixtar.
Quit Amway
Quit Passport.
Quit NuSkin.
Quit Herbalife or Avon, or Ameriplan.

Today, I want you to decide to QUIT your Multi-level Marketing Business.

Today, I will set down the criteria and rules in order to quit your multi-level marketing company; along with committing to a “Quit Date” Goal.

Usually, a person comes up with a goal, puts a date on it, and then decides on the actions that will be needed to complete the goal by the desired date.

Deciding on a “QUIT DATE” will be done in the opposite direction.

Let’s get started “on quitting”.

First: Get out your checkbook, your bank statement, your savings passbook, your spreadsheet financial software, what ever you have that keeps up with how much money you got, your average balances, etc. On a new sheet of paper or word processing document, write down today’s date and the appropriate balances.

amway_productsLook at your current MLM expenses. Literature, Catalogs, Tapes, Unsold products, etc. How much have you spent? Write that down as well.

Second: Get out your day planner or calendar and look at all the time you spent “working your MLM business” in the last month. This should include appointments, presentations, drive time, phone calls and emails. If you are involved in a seminars, conference calls or training sessions; you may include that time as well. But ONLY, if the sessions involved techniques on sales training or sponsoring.

Sitting in a chatroom or arguing with someone on a message board does not count as “working”. Also, reading about success, or MLMs, or “getting rich” does not count, either. Neither, does listening to a strictly motivational tape or “getting ‘fired up’ at a rally.

Make a note of this time that you have used in the month. What days did you work the most? What time of the day did you work the most? What were your “down days”?
Also, if you spent time arguing on a message board, or sitting in a chatroom, you might want to take note of the time you “wasted”.

Third: What level in your MLM compensation plan are you at currently? How long did it take you to achieve that level? NOT, how long did it take you AFTER you got “fired up” or attended “that rally in Texas”; but HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU SINCE YOU SIGNED ON THE DOTTED LINE?

Write down your level and time it consumed.

Spend today analyzing this data, and assessing your current performance. This in-your-face analysis may already have you on the verge of quitting anyway, BUT hold on to that knot at the end of your rope, just a bit longer. You aren’t quite ready to make the decision to Quit.

That comes tomorrow.

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