Bouncing Bubble Lady

I found this site today through Intelliseek’s Blog Pulse. From somewhere in Russia, someone has found a way to take me away from work,(not like that’s a hard thing to do, mind you.) to just sit and watch this “lady” fall and bounce on these bubbles.

You can click on the “lady” and slow her descent or keep her in a somewhat comfortable position as she falls, but some of the bounces will make you wince as you notice that her “body” does exactly what you’d expect it to do free-falling and hitting an object.

But, like watching a car accident; you just can’t help looking. Just don’t forget that you still have work to do, as you watch the Bouncing Bubble Lady.

UPDATED: January 4th, 2007

bouncingbubbleladySince this entry is found through numerous Internet searches…the latest valid link is at


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2 Responses to Bouncing Bubble Lady

  1. Imanewme says:

    This one definately rates pretty high on the “wierd s-o-meter”! Thanks for the diversion, Dave!

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