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Amy Sullivan’s, Washington Monthly journalist, and commentator for American Public Media’s MarketPlace, story on renting an apartment in Washington, D.C. featured in today’s broadcast brought to mind a recent message I read on an MLM Forum.

As much as folks in Washington like to push for bi-partisanship; there are some things you just have to consider when conducting business in the Capitol City.

Do you give your money to a business, (or in Amy’s case) a landlord whose political affiliation is in direct conflict with your own? What if they give your money to a cause or political party that you in turn are spending your money to defeat. In the case of reporter, Sullivan; would you rent an apartment to a liberal reporter when you are a staunch Republican? Listen to Amy’s story, but let me continue on with my MLM slant.

Yesterday, I read from another MLMer, a message that infuriated my liberal leanings, but made me think afterwards about my own actions.

Here’s the message with relevant name changes.


Leopold, of course Amway contributes heavily to the Republican party, since both Rich de Voss and the late Jay van Andel were both very active in the Republican party in Michigan, and that is one of the things which attracted us to Amway. We would never be a part of a company whose founders were not Republican.

Leopold wrote:
>You are so full of it Bertrand. Do you really expect anyone to believe that crock
>of bull? LOL!
>What does a political party have to do with YOU selling Amway products?

Leopold, maybe political affiliation is not important to you, but it is to us. For example when my brother Joesephus and sister in law, Zelda approached us about Mannatech one of the first things I asked if the founders were Republican or Democrat and the same thing before I got involved with AmeriPlan. The reason why it is important for me, because I want to know if the company donates to the Democratic or Republican party.


So, here I am, a liberal Democrat in an MLM business that is founded by Republicans, donates to Republicans, and heavily endorsed by Republicans such as “Bertrand”.

But, I also receive income from the very same company and with that money donate to my own liberal causes and beliefs.

“Bertrand” never expressed whether he would sign someone up for his MLMs that was outside his political affiliation. Maybe he doesn’t consider the downline’s money in his political cause.

I, on the other hand, sponsor people from both sides of the political spectrum and wouldn’t dream about asking someone their political affiliation, before sponsoring someone.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe a MLM downline would thrive better if all the members were of one homogeneous group. Just like in the reporter’s story; maybe a liberal landlord and a liberal tenant would have many more years of care-free co-existence.

I don’t know.

But, I still feel(darn, those liberal “feelings”) that diversity is better.

Balance and an exchange of ideas, even opposing ideas, builds a more open-minded downline. A downline that thinks for itself. A downline whose dream is for themselves and their goals. A downline with a passion to earn an income based on their own goals and causes they wish to champion.

And while partisanship is alive and well in Washington, DC I believe an MLM should strive for bi-partisanship.

“Mr Speaker, I now yield the floor”

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