Afternoon at the ER

So, I’m driving to pick up my wife this afternoon from her job. Southbound on I-65 about 5 miles from my exit, traffic slows to a crawl. There had been a traffic accident.

If you know anything about the Sunny Gulf Coast, then you know that during the summer, it’s rarely sunny all day, and frequent scattered thunderstorms are the norm. So, slick, wet roads combined with interstate speed cause quite a few rush hour traffic accidents.

As I crawled toward the scene of the accident, I noticed that apparently a car had rear-ended a MobileGas service truck and that resulting wreck had caused two other cars to strike each other.

It appeared that most of the chaos was being cleared as I drove by, and I made it past with a minor delay.

I arrived at my wife’s office and was exiting the car and she came out from the building and informed me that my daughter had been in a traffic accident.

So we rushed to Springhill Medical Center Emergency Room.

My daughter had been a passenger in the car that had rear-ended the gas utility truck.

Her friend, the driver, had hurt her shoulder and back and was in x-ray when we arrived at the ER.

My daughter was sitting in the ER waiting room, with a swollen, black eye, a sore chest, and a small cut in her eyelid, but otherwise safe and okay.

We waited with my daughter until she was checked out by a doctor, had some X-rays and given a chemical ice bag and a prescription for pain killers. (She is going to be in for some pain and soreness by tomorrow morning.)

Thankfully, my daughter and her friend were relatively unharmed, and were discharged.

Sometimes, when I pass an accident, I often wonder about the welfare of the victims or about the impact of the families involved. Today it was my own family. Thankfully, the impact was a few minutes of panic, and a grateful sigh of relief.

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4 Responses to Afternoon at the ER

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear all is well Dave.

    Sorry about your daughter’s misfortune.


  2. Anonymous says:


    I am glad to hear she’s OK. It’s a strange coincindence god made you pass by the accident scene.


  3. me says:

    I’m glad all is well.

  4. KentF says:

    Dave – hopefully daughter is recovering fully by now – sorry she was in the wreck.

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