The Old Yellow Bus

Yesterday, someone from my past left a comment on my “Back Home” entry from July 12th.

They mentioned a few things in the comment that brought back some good memories.

I will never forget Callaway Hall(MUW campus), Rocky Horror, the yellow (yes baby poo yellow) VW van, Your Mom and Dad. Sorry for the nostalgia. I have an annoying habit of reading your blog and not leaving a thought.

Very similar to mine

Very similar to mine

My very first car was not a car at all, but a 1972 Volkswagen Custom Van.

This baby had everything, but “heat” and a good motor.

A couch, that folded out into a bed, a fridge, a sink, a small closet, electric hook-up, and even a marine toilet; tucked inside a seat cabinet. (You removed the seat cushion and shelf and opened the cabinet and…and..well you get the picture)

Mine was not a "pop-top"

Mine was not a “pop-top”

The van had character, too. It was a bright orangey, yellow…or as my anonymous friend puts it…”baby-poo yellow”. Ahh, but I told myself, “this thing has a Porsche engine inside it’s little engine compartment, and the babe’s will love it”

My VW van took me to Ole Miss during the week and home again on the weekends I racked quite a few miles in it. Of course, the “babes”; not so much.

It hauled my very first stage sets on top of it’s convenient roof rack until a huge wind and an un-carefully tied rope sent my Skyler and Wayne Traveling Sideshow Wagon into a few more pieces than intended, along the sides of Highway 45.

One Christmas season, I decided that my van needed the “holiday spirit” and so a buddy of mine and I began to decorate the van. I got the bright idea that a can of “spray snow” would be great to “frost” the windows. But then, silliness, got the better of me, and before you knew it, I was writing “Merry Christmas” on one side of the van and “Happy New Year” on the other side.

Just as I was shaking the can, one final time to end the “Happy New Year” with a series of exclamation marks, I notice a small warning on the can, that it was NOT intended for painted finishes. WE quickly washed the “snow” from the van, only to reveal a shiny indelible “film” on the van. Car wax and rubbing compound was no avail.

Later on in July, if the sun hit the van just right, you could still see “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” blazing on its sides.

And still later on that year, after my van spent numerous trips to the local mechanic suffering from “Porsche engine crammed into VW Van” disease; that same buddy of mine and I drove my van to the local mall. We left the engine running, the doors unlocked, and the side door opened wide, and went in to shop.

Only then did the van prove itself dependable; and it was still waiting for us as we walked back outside; hopeful to be distraught that my “beloved van” was stolen.

Our hopes dashed by any would-be thieves who chose NOT to be new owners of my “baby”.

As for MUW and Callaway Hall, and attendance at several Rocky Horror Show viewings; those stories are for another time.

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous; thanks so much for the memories. Feel free to get nostalgic anytime.

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