Get Rich Working Only 10 Hours A Week!

Do you believe that headline?

I don’t.

Maybe someone, somewhere out there, has done it. I haven’t personally seen it.

I also have a hard time believing how anyone could fall for that headline. It doesn’t seem rational to me, and makes me think anyone that believes it; is on the verge of desperation. Grasping at straws is not good business.

So why does an MLMer use similar lines in their “prospecting strategy”?

Do they seek the desperate, the hopeless, the “straw grabber”?

I know how it all got started.

Someone came up with the idea, that an MLM opportunity meeting lasts about two hours.

Two meetings a week equals 4 hours. You spend 2 hours on the phone inviting people to each of the meetings. So that’s 4 hours. And I guess, 2 hours doing follow-up after the meetings.

Where’s the client appointments to sell products?

Where’s the “driving time”?

Where’s the administrative time; letters, market research, email, training?

If MLM is supposed to be a part-time business; then in my mind, we are talking at minimum; 20 hours a week.

Business owners normally work more than 40 hours a week. I know several who work 60-70 hours a week.

So, if you have a regular job and you put in 20-30 hours a week in your MLM business; you can count yourself in that category.

I’m being realistic here. Yes, that amount of work is going to scare off the normal prospects. It won’t scare off a potential business owner, though. They will expect that sort of time commitment.

Will it be necessary every week? Probably not.

Should it be available on your schedule? Yes.

Should it be scheduled immediately? No, probably not. It can be phased in gradually.

But, to expect to put in only 10 hours a week in a business and become fabulously wealthy is delusional, in my humble opinion.

Schedule your time, track it, be diligent, be organized. But don’t expect minimal effort to produce maximum results.

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