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7-6-05 8:10pm

It seems that my email notification for comments is working now. Although, the notification is not immediate and delayed several hours, but I am receiving them.

I’m no computer expert, but my un-informed opinion is that due to the way my new website works with the Blogger software, that it takes awhile for Blogger to let me know, but it does seem to be making me aware of the comments made.

So, feel free to leave as many as you want!

I love it when people take the time to leave me a comment on a blog entry I wrote.

I read them all. (okay, it’s not like I get hundreds of comments daily, so it’s pretty easy to keep up with them all!)

I’m also ready, willing, and able to reply back to you in the “Comments” section as well; so if you check back at an entry you left a comment on, you’ll sometimes find a reply.

But, BUT But, there’s a small problem with the new location here at On The Road With Dave.

I still accept comments, but at the moment, I’m not receiveing the old email notifications of comments posted that I used to receive. So, I don’t know if a comment was made until I get to the site; which may delay a reply from me; if you are looking for one.

This may make it tough for new readers, to leave a comment somewhere in the Archived section, and expect me to notice it.

But, I’m looking at my options and I will keep you updated.

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