Is Your MLM Business Active?

Today at Quixtar Blog, Imanewme, asked a question in the Comments section about “active” Quixtar IBOs.

The FTC requires Alticor companies to publish an average monthly income of all “active” IBOs. This average published figure is to counteract any abusive or exaggerated income claims made by an overzealous Amway or Quixtar Independent Business Owners.

Currently the average Monthly Income of Quixtar IBOs is $115.00.

66% of all IBOs reported in 2001 were found to be active.

“Active” is defined as:

“Active’ IBOs: Based on an independent survey during 2001, “Active” means an IBO attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Independent Business Ownership Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000.

This got me to thinking.


Is that really actively building a Quixtar Business? Could that really be considered “ACTIVE” for any MLM business?

Would you feel good about your efforts for a 30 day period if you;

“attempted to make a retail sale?

presented (one) presentation?

received (one) small bonus check?

wamed one chair with your butt at one meeting?

I understand the legalities of the wording in the official explanation of “active”; BUT, I feel this sets the bar way to low for anyone who makes the claim they are operating an MLM business.

You should do more than attempt to make a sale. You should design your marketing plan, target your potential clients, make the calls, and MAKE THE SALE. In fact, if you aren’t making multiple sales per month, you aren’t making any money and thus have no REAL business.

You should do more than show one presentation. Your appearance in the community and your drive to help others, should be strong enough that people can’t help but ask what is it that you do. You should always be ready, willing and able to offer a quick summary of your business and offer the opportunity to anyone that seems interested or has a question.

Bonus check size is subjective and personal to your needs, but they offer a monthly scorecard of your progress. If you qualified for just one, why aren’t you qualifying for more? If your child scored low on his school progress reports, would you not encourage him to do better next time? Even reward him for improvement? Why aren’t you holding yourself to the same standard?

Attending company-sponsored meetings can be a good thing, but MORE importantly, are you attending meetings where you will meet clients, learn your market, or advance a particular skill? Have you joined local civic groups, ToastMasters, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce?

Have you enrolled in any Continuing Education classes?

Are you participating in online forums?

I think these points all need to be considered when you tell someone you are “ACTIVE” in an MLM business. And the results might very well prove it.

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  1. Alvin Narsey says:

    aarrghh dave!
    some great points which i have trying my hardest to work on with some slow building success!
    Great Blog too!

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