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Today, Quixtar Blog listed a reference to an article published by USC Annenberg’s Online Journalism Review.

The article deals with Search Engine Optimization practiced by companies wishing to increase site awareness of their websites. Quixtar is accused of “google bombing” by utilizing a gaggle of different websites and blogs that mention Quixtar, Quixtar IBOs and Quixtar products. Some of these sites and blogs being little more than “link farms”.

In Quixtar’s case, the Search Engine Optimization was supposedly used to de-emphasize the existence of “negative” websites in Search Engine results by relegating them to a lower rank or listing on pages further down in the “Results” page.

The article has a statement from Quixtar manager of public relations Robin Luymes.

In part, Mr Luymes says,

“To ensure the public receives accurate information about Quixtar’s products, opportunity, and Independent Business Owners, the company has created numerous Web sites about different topics of interest,” the statement read. “It is the company’s desire that these Web sites appear highly in Web user searches on various search engines, just as it is any advertiser’s desire to place ads where their target audiences will see them. To this end, the company employs best practices in the development of its Web sites, which involves a highly navigable site architecture and the appropriate use of headlines, keywords, metadata, and consistent terminology.

If Quixtar inadvertently breaks rules established by search engines, it is our expectation that providers like Google, Yahoo, and MSN would alert the company so that appropriate corrections can be made. Quixtar has never knowingly broken guidelines established by the top search engines and, on the few occasions it has discovered practices that did not follow these guidelines, it has taken the necessary corrective steps.”

Luymes continues,

“We continue to communicate with Independent Business Owners and others to promote a better understanding of best practices on the Internet,” he said. “We invite IBOs to share input about what they are seeing on the Web directly with Quixtar so that appropriate steps can be taken.”

Okay, so as a Quixtar IBO, here’s my two cents worth.

I know, Quixtar knows, and the “negative websites” know, exactly why the SEO program was put into effect. Negative websites were/are exposing Quixtar IBOs who participate in “secondary business systems” and ignore the “best practices” of Amway/Quixtar Founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel.

These negative websites directly impact the sponsoring efforts of these “secondary businesses” And since these IBOs are usually the higher “muckety-mucks” with large organizations, their voices are heard over lower-volume IBOs, and the muckety-mucks probably insisted that something be done about the “negative press”. BOOM! We have the Search Engine Optimization program.

Okay, I take Quixtar at it’s word, the SEO can accomplish reaching the target audience with greater efficiency and it’s purpose is like any advertising effort that any company would participate in.

But if Mr Luymes wants my opinion, let’s go back to the Founder’s Principles,
let’s “OPTIMIZE” the other lower IBOs, promote ethical sponsoring, honesty, a focus on retail sales(BTW, this may help increase sales), and let’s de-“optimize” the secondary businesses.

As an IBO that does not participate in these “systems”, I am ALSO affected by these negative websites, simply because of my association with the Quixtar name and these “systems”. I too, want to rise up in the ranks of successful IBOs, sooooooooo, think about ME and some of the other IBOs out there. Maybe when WE are the “muckety-mucks”, the use of Search Engine Optimization will be a moot point, because OUR reputation will only serve to better Quixtar’s reputation.

Sure, there may be a fallout, hackles will be raised, egos bruised; but in the end Quixtar and Amway and Alticor will once again be household names for excellent products, dedicated distributors, and a sound business opportunity.

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3 Responses to IBO Engine Optimization

  1. Anonymous says:


    I agree with you 100% on that post. I think all IBO’s should be blogging as well as all coporate executives should be blogging.

  2. Ty Tribble says:

    What is really comical about this fiasco is that if Quixtar had produced blogs with real content about the positive aspects of their business, they would have naturally risen in the search engine rankings. (my opinion)

    Give me a half dozen smart IBO’s at various levels and have them blog about their Quixtar experience from their own perspective.

    Now it seems IBO’s are not only battling negative sites, but they are also battling gibberish blogs that make no sense.

  3. Duane Gran says:


    I posted some responses on my blog. I’ll spare repeating them here, but I want to applaud you for running a legitimate (human-produced) IBO blog. Best wishes in your endeavors.

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