Arlene Update / Not That Bad

It’s 2:15 CST and Tropical Storm Arlene has proven to be rather mild. We have received lots of rain, some minor wind but little else. Technically, the eye of the storm is about 45 minutes away, but after it arrives there is little behind the eye and forcasts say that the storm should move fairly quickly out of the area and be gone by morning.

Local news has been constant on the storm, and due to the lack of severity, many stations that opted for all-day coverage are running out of things to say.

One funny thing they have been covering is an unexpected and spontaneous “hurricane party”, that was indirectly caused by their coverage.

Early this morning one of their reporters was using a local beach bar in Gulf Shores, AL as a base of reporting. From that vantage point, viewers got a good look at the waves coming in and the wind hitting the beach.

The Pink Pony Pub was originally closed for the day, but the management had allowed the WKRG-TV crew to come in and get out of the rain and use the facilities. The crew had shot videotape of tourists on the beach walking around and watching the waves. (Some people just don’t know when to come in out of the rain).

Well, in typical “sheep” fashion, other viewers saw people on the beach and figured if some could be there, “they” could be there, too.

So, curiosity seekers managed to make their way to the closed bar. The management seeing an opportunity and a somewhat mild storm, decided to go ahead and open and just serve drinks.

After a couple of hours and a LARGE crowd, they opened the kitchen and began serving food. And the party continues as of this writing. Looks like a lot of fun, but I ain’t driving down there. I’ll stay close to home today and take no chances.

Anyway, it seems “Arlene” may be “much ado about nothing” and that’s fine with me.

If it gets worse, I’ll let you know.

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