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I apologize in advance to whatever blogger I may have got the link that was inspiration for today’s post. The link has been in my “Favorites” for a month or so, and I suppose I was gonna write about it at some point… and today is that point.

Now, I read a lot of MLM forums and blogs and many are Quixtar-related. Of course the focus at most of these sites is the use and/or abuse of motivational tools.

I have had experience with these tools in the past and still recognize some of the “big name” leaders in the business, but truthfully I haven’t seen a cassette tape or book or piece of literature from these leaders in quite a few years.

Occasionally someone will send me a list of tools they are using as an IBO in Quixtar, or someone in another MLM will recommend a “generic MLM” training website or whathaveyou; but for the most part, I’m on the “outside” of these type of “systems” now; and pretty darn glad of it.

But, as a blogger I was fascinated by Rajesh & Suma Menon’s use of Blogger Dot Com to record their Quixtar-related Organization Tool Orders.

Their last recorded entry was April 15th, 2005

2005 – Order #15
PL109 (1 pack of 10 brochures) Incredible Edibles Brochure

QFS (1 pack of 10 brochures) Quixtar Fact Sheet

SLDVD1 (1 DVD) Smart Living (English & Spanish versions)

PRD1 (1 DVD) Kanti & Lata Gala Profile DVD

BK214 (1 book) Dream-Making In A Dream-Taking World by Steve Price

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Now, maybe the Menon’s decided to quit using a blog format to record their orders or they haven’t needed anymore tools since that date; but at least they gave me another glimpse inside one of these tool organizations and a chance to peruse some of the recent titles of the tapes and tools for sale.

I found it quite enlightening.

Thanks Rajesh and Suma.

UPDATE: November 2015; Rajesh and Suma’s blog is no longer available on the Web. As happens with 1000s of Blogspot blogs, another blogger has adopted the previous URL address. No archived pages of the original blog are available.

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