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I was surprised today to receive a Blogger:404 message when I went to read the Quixtar-employee blog Quixtatic. The blog seems to have been removed.

If that’s the case, it’s disappointing. It was a great blog written by a capable author. It’s a shame that many of it’s most recent articles will not be able to be accessed anymore, because the author, Kathleen, was making some great points about “how to” write employee blogs.

As an IBO myself, I enjoyed the “inside” look at Quixtar, and found the blog great reading.

I’m gonna keep the link in my “Links I Like” section for the time being, maybe Quixtatic will be revived in the near future.

I’ll keep you updated.


I contacted Kathleen, author of Quixtatic and expressed my dissapointment over the demise of her Quixtar-related blog. I told her that as an IBO, I had grown to rely on her insight and thoughtful posts as they relate to MY OWN Independent Quixtar Business.

She expressed some remorse over closing Quixtatic, but has decided to pursue blogging on a more personal scale. For those readers that enjoy her style of writing, even if it doesn’t relate to Quixtar, you can still enjoy Kathleen’s thoughts at “Things I Have Seen.”

Personally, I feel Quixtar has lost a valuable voice on the Internet, that represented their company with class and professionalism.

She was a corporate blogger that truly “got it”.

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