When I was working in Maryland, my old partner and I would stop at a local store every week and pick up a couple of MegaMillions tickets, and talk about what we would do if we ever “hit the lottery”.

Also, if we were traveling between Maryland and Alabama, and noticed a “quick stop” selling Powerball, that’d be the place we stopped for gas and drinks and we’d buy a ticket.

The habit sorta stuck with me, after I started staying in Alabama. The Florida state line is just about 45 minutes from my house, and so, on Saturdays if I feel like getting out of the house, I make a drive over to the state line, where conveniently sits two LOTTO stores, and I buy a Dr.Pepper and a ticket for the Florida State LOTTO.

Along the way, I listen to the radio, notice the scenery, and still wonder what I would do if I “hit the lottery”. Last night, the State of Florida had a winner for $27 Million Dollars, after several weeks of “rollovers”.

Now you can probably gather from this, that since today’s entry is entitled “LOTTO” and NOT…”I have a WHOLE LOTTO MONEY!” that I was, sadly, not the winner.

I bring this up because, I hear from the critics of Quixtar, that a Quixtar IBO has better odds of winning the lottery than achieving any worthwhile results from being a rep for Quixtar.

Makes me wonder what the odds are for Independent Business Owners in Quixtar who have ALSO won the lottery?

My opinion, is that there’s nothing wrong with buying the occasional Lottery ticket provided you don’t spend the money, before you win the prize. Which is exactly the same kind of advice I would give IBOs, don’t spend your money, before you achieve the results.

Anyway, if I become a very successful IBO in Quixtar, my “On The Road” readers will be the first to know; but it’s unlikely that if I ever hit the LOTTO, I would tell my readers. The reason is “everyone” wants to be your “friend” or “family” if you are a lottery winner; that rarely happens when you are discussing a business opportunity.


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