I Love Writing!

If ever a group of people were known for their propensity for being right, it would be that group known collectively as, “They”

“They” say, “Find what you love, and then do that”. They are right, again.

T.S. Eliot said, “Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers.”

I’ve done some editing in my day, and now I occasionally consider myself a writer.

I haven’t put a limitation on my writing yet, that would gauge whether I’m a failure at it or not, but I do know, I love writing.

The exhilaration that a marathon runner feels as he breaks the tape at the finish line must certainly be the same feeling that sweeps over me as I finish a paragraph.

The feeling of accomplishment that an actor receives as he bows to the applause of his audience might just compare to the feeling of myself reading a note from a reader who tells me. “I learned something from you” or “you made me laugh”.

I have many interests; many things I feel the need to accomplish. Only one supersedes my love of writing.

It’s sad to see any blog that I enjoy reading not updated for several days. I wonder what trials and mental blocks the blogger must be going through. I admit I have a skipped a day or two in my blogging venture, but usually I can not fathom going a day without finally hitting that “Publish” button and sending my latest ramblings out into the blogosphere.

My heart races just a tad faster if I know someone has posted a Comment to something that I have penned. And all the troubles of the day seem to melt away, if I hear or read somewhere that my writing has been recommended by someone.

I’m thankful for each one of my readers of “On The Road”, and I sincerely hope that they get as much enjoyment from these daily postings as I derive from writing them.


Which means whether you return here tomorrow or not, I will still log on to this site and anguish over some topic, hoping to convey some useful thought, or bit of humor or day-to-day trivia. And I will breathe that sigh of satisfaction once again when I feel from the first word to the final punctuation is just “so”.


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4 Responses to I Love Writing!

  1. me says:

    OK OK I’ll update my blogs. All three of ’em. This week. Sometime …

  2. Keith Sr. says:

    Oh Lord, I feel so validated now!

    I thought that I was the only one who’s heart skipped a beat when the comment counter changed!

    I refer anyone who will listen to OTRWD- even though I don’t particularly care for Q. And I use the perjorative “A/Qbot, too. Forgive me, Dave.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I take the a/qbot thing as a compliment. A bot is a well-oiled, precise,fine-tuned piece of machinery. That just validates for me that what I am doing is right.



  4. Mr Keith,

    I have lost the link to your blog. If you email it to me or post it here,(I’m all for blog promotion)

    I’ll be more than happy to make your comment counter click every now and then.

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