Goals and Dreams

Every now and then you come across a conversation on the “net” that makes you think.

I’ve said it before, I’m not very keen on the idea of “dreambuilding” when it comes to presenting an MLM opportunity. I think that “hyping” some elusive dream of wealth, fancy cars, and diamonds in order to sell your MLM “opportunity” gives a false hope to the prospect, and makes his decision to join you, an emotional decision rather than a business decision.

Now, I do believe in setting goals of acccomplishment, i.e. sales goals and rewards that offer an incentive to attain a goal. And there’s nothing wrong with saying, “When I make “X” amount of money I will purchase “so and so”.

Which is why I am re-printing the following conversation. I think what is written is some excellent advice.

(The names of the posters have been changed)

Can you seperate the “goals” from “the DREAM?” I don’t think so? A goal is a stepping-stone to the dream. For example, everyone wants to make more money.

The dream part is WHAT is going to be done with the money? If someone wants
$500 per month for a new Jaguar, it helps to “draw them a picture” of them
actually driving the car—exterior color, interior color,
hardtop/convertible, etc. The point is, the “goal” has to take you somewhere,
and that is the dream part.


But why does this “someone” want the new luxury car that will cost 500+ per month? Is the dream the car, or is the dream to be recognised as a person of significance?

Admittedly, someone who is on the road a lot may have a dream that involves owning a comfortable car, but is that why most buy Jags.

The point may sound simplistic, but when the tokens/icons of the dream are mistaken for the dream, its easy to sail into some pretty shallow water, and even to run aground.

Btw GoodPoster1, I realise I’ve taken your comment to an extreme, and that you were saying something different, but your example (imo) is one that often leads folks into mistaking tokens for dreams.


“Another misnomer is labeling the “desire” as the actual “goal”. Goals should be only those things over which we have complete control – such as the actions and activities it takes to earn the $$$ (or rank) to obtain the “thing(s)” that satisfy the identified “why”.

Our only responsibility is to consistently share information and to respect our prospective customer or business associate’s timing and decisions because what they do with the information we share … and when…is THEIR responsibility and right.

If we set, for example, a $$$ amount in sales as a goal or a particular rank within a particular time-frame, often that’s a recipe for failure since we have no control over how many will or will not purchase or when.

However, if we set as our goal (as)the number of people to contact daily, weekly or monthly… the number of followups daily, weekly or monthly…the number of people we interact with in person, by phone or email daily, weekly or monthly…where and how often we advertise, how many we send to our website, etc….these are all actions and activities…goals… that are within our total control and is what will eventually produce the “desire” that satisfies the “why”.

Goals that are dependent on someone else’s actions are often self-defeating.


Like I said, there’s wisdom out there, and you just have to look for it.

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One Response to Goals and Dreams

  1. Anonymous says:


    Goals and dreams are completely different.

    Goals are action orientated, while dreams are possibility orientated.

    Dreams need to be bigger than you are. Not that you are going to ever achieve them or not is debateable, but goals are what put dreams into reality.

    Again it’s Mikey 🙂

    Sorry, I’ve been busy and haven’t read your blog since Monday

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