“SYSTEMS” / Re-Inventing The Wheel

It’s an admonition you hear a lot in MLM, “Don’t re-invent the wheel” “Go with what works.” “Follow a proven system”.

I don’t buy it.

Look, if the first wheel was made of stone, and then someone made a wooden wheel, and a metal wheel and then learned to make a wheel out of rubber, and then decided to have polyester cords added to it and then steel belted bands were added, it seems to me that the wheel has been re-invented a lot over the course of history. Each new modification has been for the better.(Except for those silly, over-expensive spinning rims)

So why can’t we re-invent the wheel when it comes to MLM Motivational Systems?

Because it’s not proven?

Naah, that can’t be it, because the first system wasn’t proven,in the beginning.

Every new system, or modification has to be tested. You don’t spend all your advertising on one single direct mail campaign; you do short test runs, to see if your ad copy is effective, to test the validity of the “lead list” you have purchased. You test, you evaluate, you modify.

Over the past week, I have evaluated the history of these MLM systems; what works, what doesn’t; and what I feel needs to be changed.

A few key points.

A new system needs to be free to the newest distributor.

A new system must be honest and straight-forward with no deception.

A new system must work cooperatively with the MLM company and it’s available information.

A new system should stress a balance between retailing and recruiting

A new system should allow for a free flow of ideas both up line to the “leaders” and downline to the newest distributor. Both can learn from each other.

A new system should embrace the use of the Internet as the true tool it can be. It should not discourage those who are afraid of technology but it should provide the avenue for those that desire it. (I’m not the only one with this idea)

A new system should be secondary to building an MLM business, not the business.

A new system should not overshadow the MLM business, itself.

A new system should allow for change.

A new system should be non-political and non-religious.

A new system should provide inspiration.

A new system should stress individuality, not follow the herd.

Did I leave anything out?

I have an idea for a new system, and I’m willing to test it.

Join me tomorrow as I conclude the series on “SYSTEMS”, with my vision of what a day in the life of this New System should look like.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I do like your Ideas! I think yuo described what affiliate marketing already is. The only thing different between affiliate marketing is that MLM goes down several levels- affiliate companies only go down one or two levels at the max. There is still another big difference. Affiliate marketing (depending on the cookie) you get a one time sale. In mlm, its ongoing residual income. I am up for combining both systems into one ‘perfect’ system.


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