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Today, I want to discuss motivation versus inspiration. If I have learned anything in my study of the motivational systems; it is motivation is fleeting and temporary. It is a feeling that must be constantly renewed in order to retain distributors in an organization. And if that feeling can not be maintained in a system, then the system is ineffective, in my opinion.

Part of the reason I have been discussing “Systems” is that I think a better way can exist to train and motivate distributors. In order to put my theories into practice, this study of the motivational systems has been necessary. I think first and foremost, the focus should be clearly taken off of “motivation” and we should substitute INSPIRATION.

What’s the difference?

Sometimes, I feel sorry for people who are charged with the task of learning English as a second language. I hear that it is not an easy language to learn. And after they endure all the rules and pronunciation study, they are met with American slang, connotation, sarcasm, etc. Plus, they must endure those of us who, even though it is our primary language, use it improperly. We often judge sentence structure, by the way it sounds to our ears or looks. How many times have you spelled a word and then said, “that doesn’t look right”.

The definitions of Motivation; motivate and Inspiration and Inspire are very similar.

Both basically cause a desire to act.

Motivate: to give a motive for…”Love motivated his actions” Motive; a desire, feeling, etc that makes one do something.

Inspire: 1) to cause, urge or influence to do something. ‘The sunset inspired her to write a poem’ 4)guided by a higher power.

An archaic use of inspire also means “to breathe, to give life”

But, using the examples above we could also say, “Love inspired his actions” and “The sunset motivated her to write a poem”…See? The usage is very similar. Confusing, no?

I feel like they are very different, though. I know the connotation of each word means something different to me. But, I may be walking a thin line in making my point today.

An artist’s collective work might inspire one to become an artist, a life calling; while a painting of a seascape might just motivate one to visit the beach.

To inspire is to breathe to live for the cause.

Motivation comes from a feeling and inspiration is more of a cause. Inspiration is more internal, motivation happens externally.

The best example I can come up with is that of an aspiring artist. Let’s say I view the works of Da Vinci and I am inspired to become an artist. I live and breathe art. I may be motivated to finish a painting so that it can be viewed, evaluated, and possibly sold…but my cause, for painting, is for the sake of my inspiration.

So, the MLMer must be inspired internally to even attempt MLM. He must have some small inspiration inside of him prior to joining an MLM, or there is no cause for him to continue. It is up to the sponsor, to find this inspiration.

The perfect “system” should act as a tool to carry out and fulfill this inspiration.

The motivation comes from the accomplishment of attaining an MLM level of success or a monetary value. It may also come from overcoming an obstacle. But the system provides the principles and techniques to achieve these things. It is not the vehicle of the motivation itself. In designing this system; this new system, that is what should be taken into account.

We as MLMers must learn to fulfill the internal inspiration, not exert external meaningless motivation upon the people we work with.

Your hope as an effective sponsor is that your opportunity will feed the inspiration for your prospect to carry out his “life cause”.

I believe that the true motivation comes from the satisfaction of building a strong network and the profits derived from it. This is like the artist who is inspired to paint as a calling, and is then motivated as he sees his work come to life.

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