“SYSTEMS” / Conclusion

Today marks the end of my series on MLM “SYSTEMS”. You can take whatever good you find in the series and apply it to your own MLM. I suppose my lowly blogging efforts won’t make that much of a change for those entrenched in the “motivational cycle” of MLMs, nor it probably will do much good for the MLM junkie, who skips from one MLM to another on the trail of elusive riches made quickly.

But someone, somewhere will have read it and begin to think about not how he can make money off his downline, but how he can train more effectively, so that his downline may make a profit based on his leadership.

I have designed my system that I use based on much of what I have written about, and some foundational knowledge provided by my OWN MLM leader. My sponsor Fred Johnston, is the man that introduced me to “community building on the web”, but he would be the first to tell you, we don’t agree on everything. But, unlike most leaders in these systems I have discussed, he encourages individual thought. He recognizes that a system evolves with each member within the system. And he encourages that evolution.

So what is the Perfect System? I’m afraid it doesn’t exist, beyond a system that encourages thought and creativity over blind duplication. But, if we can duplicate creativity and integrity within a system, along with profit, not expense; then we truly have mastered the most important part of the MLM duplication equation.

Be Honest.
Sell Products
Sponsor People that will be Honest and Sell Products.

Include those factors, and you are well on your way to an almost Perfect System.

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3 Responses to “SYSTEMS” / Conclusion

  1. Eric says:

    How bout this?

    “Duplicate the principles, not the process.”

  2. This has helped me and I thank your for all your posts

  3. Glad I could help. And your comments are really, why I blog.



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